Artnodes #28: Digital Creation: possible (and achievable) futures


Tal como anunciábamos en un post anterior, este año he tenido el placer de coeditar el nº 28 de la revista ArtNodes junto a Andrea García (A mínima). 

Ligado a la Bienal de la Ciencia de Barcelona,  el número se ​​centra en los límites, y en conexión directa con el futuro Simposio Internacional de Artes Electrónicas ( ISEA ) que se celebrará en Barcelona en 2022 centrado en el tema POSIBLES. 

Publico el texto editorial bajo el título: "Digital Creation: possible (and achievable) futures" / " Creación Digital: futuros posibles (y alcanzables)"

During the last year, science and technology have been playing an indispensable role in a difficult and complex context.  All areas of our lives have been forced to adapt to digital processes at an accelerated pace.Faced  with  an  obvious  economic  and  social  transformation,  we  want  to  consider  the  state  of  culture  and  creation, one of the sectors hardest hit by the crisis. Specifically, we are interested in focusing on the particular situation of digital creation, devastated especially by the lack of protection and funding, by the closure of galleries and specialised spaces.It is not a question of starting from scratch.  Future possibilities must be presented as opportunities. First, by analysing what has been learned, experienced and discussed so far before and during the pandemic. From there, we must identify, on the one hand, the direct consequences of the pandemic, and on the other, the problems arising from the acceleration of the digital transformation. Especially in those aspects that allow us to relaunch and promote new lines of work, heterogeneous initiatives, or new methodologies while always bearing in mind that this knowledge and experience has to settle and survive under the rules of the digital economy.  Both the creation and consumption of content requires new digital, communication, entrepreneurial and commercial skills.Let us look for new perspectives, let us face the transversality that the hybridisation between art, science and technology can offer. Let us analyse and share with all those involved in all the creative processes and avoid going back into a loop. We are facing a complicated and risky, but exciting project. It is more necessary than ever to learn from mistakes, and to extract the value of certain experiences related to digital art. And, above all, let us not forget two of the most important components: to value the creators, to recover the public, and to attract those who have never felt attracted by these types of artistic practices. Let us look for and share the way to encourage and promote new contents and scenarios.Keywordsfutures, possibles, digital art, creativity, art, culture, technology, pandemia, postpandemia

¡Gracias a todo el equipo por embarcarme en este fantástico proyecto! 

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